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CourseSEND Workshops 2024
Led byJenny Scott - SEND Consultant and Trainer.
DetailsOur programme covers three half day sessions and will be delivered by Jenny Scott, SEND Consultant and Trainer.

Jenny Scott is a former teacher, SENCo, Senior leader, SEND Advisor and now owns her own SEND Consultancy service.

Jenny has a Masters in SpLD Dyslexia and has over 20 years of experience working with children and young people with SEN. She has run numerous workshops and training sessions for schools and local authorities.

Session 1: ‘All teachers are teachers of pupils with SEND’ - Developing universal provision across school.
Friday 26th January 2024

This session is for new and experienced SENCos & Senior leaders.

Research from the EEF suggests that there are 5 particular approaches that teachers can integrate into their practice to support learning and improve outcomes for all pupils, including those with special educational needs.

This workshop is an opportunity for SENCos and senior leaders to explore how their school can effectively implement the 5 approaches within universal qualify first teaching. Schools will be provided with a range of resources and case studies to develop provision back in school.

Remaining sessions:

Session 2: Using teaching assistants to help pupils to develop independent skills and manage their own learning.
Friday 15th March 2024

This session is for experienced SENCos & Senior leaders.

In this session we focus on how SENCos and senior leaders can successfully implement the above recommendation from the EEF Guidance report, ‘Making the Best use of Teaching assistants.’

This practical session takes a closer look at how TAs can utilise scaffolds and metacognitive strategies in their everyday roles. It is an ideal follow up to Session 1 but can also be accessed as a standalone session.

Session 3: Supporting pupils with reading difficulties: Two models to influence and inform.
Friday 14th June 2024

This session is for new and experienced SENCos, English leads & Senior leaders.

We do not underestimate the complexities involved in teaching reading to pupils who find it difficult. The good news is we have a wealth of evidence and approaches that mediate difficulties early and improve reading outcomes.

In this session we explore how The Simple View of Reading and the Reading Rope supports teachers of reading to:
• Apply a holistic approach to the teaching of reading
• Underpin assessment practice
• Inform areas of focus & strengths
• Implement effective evidence informed intervention

Event location: Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

The workshops are run as a course but individual sessions can be booked. Please state on the booking form which sessions are required if only wanting individual sessions.
TimingsFriday 15th March 20241pm-3.15pm£75 per session
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CoursePSHE: Adapting Provision for Pupils With SEND
Led byRebecca Jennings
DetailsHalf day session delivered by Rebecca Jennings. RSHE Educator, Trainer, Writer, Broadcaster & Parent.

RAISE (working with RSHE in Schools since 2003)

Session overview:

• Understanding the Importance: Recognise the critical role of RSE in the lives of children with complex SEND, focusing on their unique vulnerabilities and the empowerment that knowledge provides.

• Tailoring the Content: Explore methods to adapt and differentiate RSE curriculum content to cater to varied learning needs, ensuring comprehension and retention.

• Utilising Engaging Methods: Identify interactive, multisensory teaching techniques and resources that resonate with children having diverse cognitive and physical abilities.

• Navigating Sensitive Topics: Learn strategies to approach and discuss sensitive RSE topics with compassion, ensuring children's comfort and understanding.

• Creating a Safe Environment: Establish classroom practices that promote open dialogue, trust, and a safe space for children to express their thoughts, concerns, and questions about RSE topics.

Remote Learning Session
TimingsWednesday 24th April 20241.30pm - 3pm£75
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