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Following the recent announcement by the Secretary of State for Education, Noctua School Alliance has taken the decision to cancel face-to-face training until we feel it is safe to do so to ensure maximum staffing levels in schools during these unprecedented times. We are pleased to offer your schools remote training sessions. To book a place, click on the training tab.
All our training is based on the most up to date evidence informed research.

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CourseInduction to Governance
Led byBrian Beal, Education Consultant
DetailsHighly recommended for all new governors.

Course overview:
There has never been a more challenging time to become a school governor as schools and their governing boards are continually having to respond to ongoing and rapidly changing guidance due to the COVID crisis. It is crucial that governors understand their roles and how these support and compliment those of school leaders in these most challenging of times.

The purpose of this induction session is to ensure that you know and understand your responsibilities as you contribute to the work of your governing board in fulfilling its statutory duties. It aims to provide you with the insights and the confidence to contribute effectively in your first year as a new governor.

The sessions cover:
• Knowing and understanding the core functions of the governing board and the key features of effective governance:
• The governing board’s accountability to, and relationship with others (e.g. Ofsted, DFE, LA, Diocese);
• The governance structure of the organisation, including its constitution and procedures, scheme of delegation and how and where decisions can be made.

Who should attend:
All new governors, including for maintained schools and academies (including at local and trust levels).
TimingsWednesday 29th September 20215.30pm - 8pm£60.00
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CoursePreparing Your Governors For Ofsted
Led byBrian Beal, Education Consultant
DetailsOfsted’s education inspection handbooks have changed… so what do governors need to know?

Course overview:
This is a briefing for governors to increase awareness of the main changes that Ofsted have made to the inspection handbooks (both section five and section eight).
Ofsted piloted changes to its inspection methods to take account of the challenges raised by COVID-19 and published its updated set of inspection handbooks in April 2021.
The handbooks recognise that most schools have been unable deliver their curriculum in the usual way since the pandemic therefore there have been some changes to Ofsted’s approach to looking at the quality of education. In particular, the guidance identifies that inspectors will consider:
• How schools have adapted and prioritised the curriculum throughout the pandemic.
• How well schools have integrated remote education into the curriculum.
• Whether schools continue to implement an ambitious curriculum that helps all pupils to study the full breadth of subjects, or whether leaders are working to bring this about.

This briefing will also identify changes to other areas considered during inspection, including opportunities for pupils’ personal development, and to understand attendance with school leaders to understand how the pandemic affected individual schools.

Who should attend:
All governors wishing to update their knowledge of the inspection process.

TimingsThursday 30th September 20216pm - 8pm£60.00
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CourseGovernance - Staff and Pupil Wellbeing
Led byBrian Beal, Education Consultant
DetailsGovernors should take a strategic approach to promoting mental health in their school. A key part of this is ensuring that a promotion of mental health is embedded in all the school's policies and procedures. It is important that this is a ‘whole school’ approach, which includes pupils, staff and even members of the governing board.

Course overview:
This workshop will highlight the resources available to help schools through this challenging time.

It aims to help governors consider the provision of pastoral and extra-curricular activities that:
• Support the rebuilding of friendships and social engagement
• Address and equip pupils to respond to issues linked to coronavirus (COVID-19)
• Support pupils with approaches to improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Governors also have a duty of care for their headteacher and staff and will need to be assured that there are processes in place to support staff and to check that they are not overwhelmed by workload.

Who should attend: All school governors, especially those with inclusion / SEND responsibilities and also performance management governors.
TimingsWednesday 13th October 20216pm - 8pm£60.00
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CourseGovernance Workshops 2021-22
Led byBrian Beal, Education Consultant
DetailsOur programme covers four sessions and will be delivered by Brian Beal – Education Consultant.

This programme provides insights and working knowledge of all areas identified in ‘A Competency Framework for Governance’, (DfE 2017) that sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours that school and academy governing boards need in order to be effective.

Over the course of four sessions, and with some ‘gap tasks’, governors will be provided with opportunities to reflect on their personal contributions through their strategic role at school, but also to consider the effectiveness of their governing board as a whole and to identify where they may make adjustments to further increase the board’s impacts.

Across the programme participants will be supported in carrying out a a light touch review as a health check, each aspect of this aligning to the focus of each session so that each governing board benefits from a process that supports its on-going development.

Session 1: Ethos and working practices - Wednesday 3rd November 2021
Session 2: Being strategic and ensuring statutory compliances - Wednesday 17th November 2021
Session 3: Knowing your school - Thursday 2nd December 2021
Session 4: Getting the balance right – support and challenge - Wednesday 19th January 2022
TimingsWednesday 3rd November 20216pm-8pm£60 per session
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