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CourseThe 'Real David Cameron' Leadership Development
Led byThe Real David Cameron
DetailsThe Real David Cameron is a presenter/speaker, trainer, mentor, coach and adviser.

He has delivered conferences at home and abroad, including TEDx Buenos Aires, Northern Rocks and works with schools throughout the UK and internationally, alongside some of the most influential people and the best practitioners in the world of education and training.

Session details:

9.00am - 9.45am - I Will Survive………

In this opening session David Cameron will take an overview of the challenges that school leaders currently face and emphasise why it is so important that we look at how we can meet these. It will include lots of practical advice, approaches and strategies.

That will lead in to a series of short focussed workshops addressing some key issues for school leaders

9.45am- 10.45am - Handling Difficult Conversations

It seems that we are getting involved in more and more difficult conversations with parents and with staff. This session will give you the opportunity to get some advice on how to deal with these and to share some of your own experience and approaches

11.05am- 11.45am - If “Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast”, How Do We Get Our School Culture Right?

We are continually told how important culture is but we don’t always follow up what that means for our practice as school leaders. This workshop session aims to put that right

11.50am - 12.40pm - Can We Meet The Behaviour Challenge?

Behaviour and how we respond to it is one of the most important challenges that we face and one of the most controversial. This session will look at the current and, often, contradictory, advice that we get and ask how we establish our own policies and strategies

12.40pm - 1.00pm - The Big Finish

Venue: Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Now fully booked: please email to be added to waiting list
TimingsFriday 21st June 20249am - 1pm£85.00
Course‘Say less, ask more’ - Stuart Herrington
Led byAn Invaluable 2 Day Leadership Coaching Skill Course delivered by Stuart Herrington – Leadership, Coaching & Development
DetailsDates: TBC

“Say less, ask more” gives you time to reflect and respond to your current main school improvement challenges, by focussing on what you really want and how to achieve this.

This two day coaching course:
 Gives you quality thinking time so you can find your best solution to opportunities and challenges in your setting
 Focusses on the key principles of coaching, including how adults learn best
 Builds in practical sessions to develop your listening and coaching skills, including the quality of questions you ask
 Considers how self-limiting beliefs can hold back leadership, teaching and learning
 Develops awareness of different forms of resistance and possible ways to respond to these
 Shares coaching tools and techniques you can use back in school.

Event location:

Please email to register interest.
TimingsTBC9am-3pm£255.00 per delegate (2 days training including lunch)