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Governance Review

To carry out a review of governance where required as a result of an Ofsted inspection report. Noctua can offer an appropriately trained NLG or governor to work in partnership with the governing body to carry out the review.

Typically, a full review would include:

  • An initial discussion with the Chair and Headteacher to establish the context of the review, needs of the school and to identify key dates - is it in response to an Ofsted requirement, or in anticipation? Or at the school’s request or LA’s suggestion?
  • Analysis of documentation and preparation for the supported review session.
  • Possible follow-up discussion with governors / SLT to plan the detail of the review / self-review session (if agreed)
  • Supported self-review session - includes summary feedback at the end of the meeting
  • Draft report (for agreement with the Chair and Headteacher) to confirm strengths and areas for development.
  • Optional - draft action plan, or to work with the board to create one.