Noctua School Alliance

Following the recent announcement by the Secretary of State for Education, Noctua School Alliance has taken the decision to cancel face-to-face training until we feel it is safe to do so to ensure maximum staffing levels in schools during these unprecedented times. We are pleased to offer your schools remote training sessions. To book a place, click on the training tab.
All our training is based on the most up to date evidence informed research.

Member Area

Governance Review

To carry out a review of governance where required as a result of an Ofsted inspection report. Noctua can offer an appropriately trained NLG or governor to work in partnership with the governing body to carry out the review.

Typically, a full review would include:

  • An initial discussion with the Chair and Headteacher to establish the context of the review, needs of the school and to identify key dates - is it in response to an Ofsted requirement, or in anticipation? Or at the school’s request or LA’s suggestion?
  • Analysis of documentation and preparation for the supported review session.
  • Possible follow-up discussion with governors / SLT to plan the detail of the review / self-review session (if agreed)
  • Supported self-review session - includes summary feedback at the end of the meeting
  • Draft report (for agreement with the Chair and Headteacher) to confirm strengths and areas for development.
  • Optional - draft action plan, or to work with the board to create one.