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CourseArt Workshop
Led byOur Expert Art Lead
DetailsA workshop with practical and engaging activities delivered by our Expert Art Leader

Course details:

• Ofsted Inspections Under the New Framework - Research funded by Arts Council England.
There is compelling evidence of an expectation from OFSTED that arts subjects within the curriculum are planned and delivered with the same rigour and expertise as core subjects
The broader arts and cultural opportunities offered to pupils, to enrich the learning experience and as extra-curricular activities, were also held up for praise where they were found to be exciting and inspiring.
The significant contribution the arts and culture can make to pupil wellbeing and personal development is also acknowledged.
Why, what does this look like, what are the implications and how will it happen?

• Art & Design
Which knowledge is most significant? What structure is needed to ensure the magic?

• How Artsmark can support you on your school's art journey-statement of commitment is an action plan that has accountability as you will write your statement of impact two years later.
It provides the opportunity for self-reflection and requires SLT and governor endorsement.

• Planning a progression document for art - the why, what and the how.
• Practical workshops to show the progression in one medium.
• Importance of partnerships and drawing on their expertise to support and deliver

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