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CourseHistory Workshops 2022/2023
Led byAdrian Gray, MA (Cantab) National and International Consultant
DetailsOur programme covers 3 half day sessions and will be delivered by Adrian Gray, a history graduate and experienced leader of history networks.

This is a series of workshops to support primary history subject leaders in the development of their curriculum planning from ‘Intent’ through to evaluating ‘Impact.’

It will look at examples of successful and not so successful practice and encourage the sharing of ideas through a network.

Topics will include how best to make choices of material in KS1 and KS2 and how history needs to be started in EYFS.

It will be ideal for inexperienced subject leaders but also useful for those with more experience who wish to refresh their thinking.

Session 1: Monday 17th October 2022
This session will include:
• Me and my needs – subject background/expertise and the school challenge; how easy is it to keep up to date?
• The implications of the new Ofsted for you
• Explaining your subject simply
• What skills/knowledge/pedagogy make my subject unique?
• My statement of intent
• Specifying the aims of my subject (how will I judge success if I don’t know what I am trying to achieve?)
• Making the pedagogy bespoke

Session 2: Thursday 19th January 2023
This session will include:
• Principles of curriculum design
• A confusion of knowledges – substantive, disciplinary, powerful and ‘sticky’…..
• Defining the schema/concepts that will provide your disciplinary structure – let’s take an example
• Sequencing the topics
• The problem of content: what are you choosing to put in and what are you choosing to leave out? Special focus on KS1.
• Defining the necessary substantive knowledge and the problem of cultural capital
• My contribution to the acronyms: PD, SMSC, BV, SRE etc…

Session 3: Tuesday 25th April 2023
This session will include:
• Balancing your KS2
• What are you assessing and how? What are your end points and how have you reached that decision? Is it subject specific enough?
• What is the SLT role in this?
• The Ofsted deep dive
• Quality assurance – some practical tasks in-lesson and outside including pupil voice
• Evaluating the impact of your curriculum: how do you define ‘success’, what do you know, how do you know it?
• Responding to problems
• What evidence do you have of cross-curricular links being made or contribution to PD?

TimingsMonday 17th October 2022Remote Online Session: 1pm-3.30pm£70 per session
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