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CourseHighlighting as a Learning Strategy
Led byAdrian Gray, MA (Cantab) National and International Consultant
DetailsA brand new session where we look at a key topic in the daily life of teachers through the lens of some recent academic research. Are we using what the research says is the best approach?

Adrian’s previous experience includes research and analysis as a senior officer with Ofsted and this is the third of his ‘research reviews’ with Noctua.

Students often highlight the wrong information and may rely on their deficient highlighting skills as a primary study strategy, leading to poor learning outcome.

The researchers determined that ‘learner-generated highlighting’ tended to improve retention of material, but not comprehension.

When students were taught proper highlighting techniques by teachers, however – for example, how to distinguish main ideas from supporting ideas – they dramatically improved their academic performance.

In this short session we will look at what the researchers discovered and how to make some simple improvements to classroom practice.

Remote Session
TimingsThursday 28th November 20243.30pm-4.30pm £75
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CourseWhat Sort of Classroom Best Supports Learners?
Led byAdrian Gray, MA (Cantab) National and International Consultant
DetailsSome fascinating new research has raised questions about what an effective classroom should look like and has suggested that some of our most colourful and stimulating environments may actually be having a negative impact on some of the learners.

This is a short and incisive look into the research on this topic which will help you answer the question, ‘Are we getting this right or wrong?’

Given that every pupil spends hours every day in a classroom, it is a topic that we really ought to know about.

Remote Session
TimingsThursday 16th January 20253.30pm-4.30pm £75
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CourseQuizzes, Tests & Assessments
Led byAdrian Gray, MA (Cantab) National and International Consultant
DetailsOver the last few years, the emphasis in Ofsted inspections has moved on from your curriculum ‘intent’ to planning and now especially to the role and use of assessment – notably in the foundation subjects.

At the same time, the focus on staff well-being has set some parameters for what assessment can look like.

This seminar looks at some highly regarded research about how quizzes and tests can be fun and developmental, promoting learning in and of themselves.

We will consider how introducing a sense of competition and even having teams take tests together can enhance the learning impact so that assessment actually creates learning as well as…..assessing it!

Remote Session
TimingsThursday 13th February 20253.30pm-4.30pm £75
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