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Following the recent announcement by the Secretary of State for Education, Noctua School Alliance has taken the decision to cancel face-to-face training until we feel it is safe to do so to ensure maximum staffing levels in schools during these unprecedented times. We are pleased to offer your schools remote training sessions. To book a place, click on the training tab.
All our training is based on the most up to date evidence informed research.

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CourseEnglish Network Meetings
Led byMarie Byrne
DetailsEach meeting will have:
• A focus – possibly as below, but this could change depending on participant preferences
• A short presentation from a participant school
• An opportunity to share current issues & challenges through discussion

Session 1 - EYFS Focus on English - Thursday 11th November 2021
Session 2 - Deep Dive - Reading - Thursday 13th January 2022
Session 3 - Deep Dive - Writing - Thursday 17th March 2022
Session 4 - Reading through to Writing Process - Thursday 19th May 2022
Session 5 - Writing Assessment - Thursday 16th June 2022

Event location: Primley Wood Primary School

*Please note the network meetings are run as a course - however, should you wish to just book individual sessions, please state on the booking form which session/sessions are required next to the delegates name.
TimingsThursday 11th November 20212.00 - 3.30pm£25 per session
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CourseNew to English Leadership
DetailsCongratulations on becoming a leader of English: a huge role within your school. There is so much to focus on, how do you prioritise? We can support you to ensure that you enjoy your new role; so that your vision for teaching English, to raise the attainment of all of your children, can be realised.

Course details:
This full days training will focus on:
• Reviewing your current practice;
• Reflecting on your curriculum offer for phonics, reading, oracy and writing (intent);
• Being aware of the expectations for the teaching of phonics to support early reading;
• Sharing ideas for high quality texts and long term planning for reading through to writing;
• Activities for implementing and embedding the teaching of oracy skills;
• How to effectively monitor the delivery of these areas in each classroom (implementation);
• How to support staff members who need to develop their own subject knowledge;
• Using date collection to ensure that all children are making progress (impact);
• Providing you with the knowledge and confidence to communicate your vision to staff;
• Sharing your priorities from today to allow you to begin to develop your own action plan.

TimingsTuesday 16th November 20219.30am - 3pm£85.00
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CourseWriting Essentials
DetailsHow can we support children to reach the expected standard and beyond?

What common problems do children encounter when writing and how can teachers help overcome them?

This course gives participants ideas and strategies backed by research:
* Developing children’s love of writing
* The writing process
* The importance of sentence writing
* Common errors and how to overcome them
* Ideas for stretching high attaining writers

The course leader, David Owen, has successfully supported over 20 schools across the city to improve outcomes for children and last year delivered training to over 300 teachers.
Feedback on his writing CPD has been very positive indeed, so we’re sure you’ll gain a lot from this course.
TimingsWednesday 17th November 202110am-3pm£85.00
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Course‘Deep Dive’ in Writing - Understanding OFSTED Expectations for the Intent, Implementation and Impact of your Curriculum
DetailsCourse details:

This course will allow you to reflect on your current writing curriculum and will support you in answering questions about the intent, implementation and impact of your writing offer, to your children.

It will guide you in thinking about:

• The rationale behind your writing curriculum.
• How you can ensure that your curriculum meets the needs of your school context.
• Does it allow for new knowledge and skills to be built upon what has been taught before?
• Is it demanding and equitable for all?
• How is your intent implemented in the classroom?
• How you as a leader can provide evidence that your curriculum is having an impact.

There are lots of questions to consider when thinking about your curriculum. We will provide opportunities to unpick each of the 3Is and ensure that you leave the session feeling more confident in being able to communicate your intent, demonstrate your implementation and share the impact of your writing curriculum to anyone who may ask!
TimingsWednesday 24th November 20219.30am-11.30am£60.00
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CourseExcited About Words
Led byAdrian Gray, MA (Cantab) National and International Consultant
DetailsA very enjoyable short workshop about learning to love words and learn from them, based on an understanding of where they came from.

The idea of ‘sticky knowledge’ has become popular because of the Ofsted framework, but how do you make words stick? Our observations have shown that teachers rarely, if ever, help pupils understand unfamiliar words by explaining where they came from, and how they can use this to help them decipher other new words.

This is a fun and enjoyable short training session that will help you and your staff make a small but significant tweak in their teaching practice…. that will help develop a skill for life in your pupils.

It shows how some simple training in this can enhance teaching across the curriculum (Science, geography, literacy etc) and enrich your provision for SMSC and British Values.

Get involved in the fascinating story of where our words came from…. words like ‘loot’ or ‘photosynthesis’.
TimingsFriday 21st January 20229.30am-10.30am£60.00
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CourseWhole School Approach to Oracy/Vocabulary
DetailsHow can you use oracy to raise children’s confidence and improve outcomes?
What’s the best way to teach children new vocabulary?

Course details:
Over two sessions, including a ‘gap-task’, this training will include up-to-date research and practical ideas that can be used throughout school and across the curriculum. It will delve into what ‘talk’ in the classroom means, how it can be implemented and how we can use this successfully to equip our students with the life-long skills needed to communicate confidently whilst raising attainment in both reading and writing.
Course participants will leave the course with more secure knowledge of how oracy and vocabulary will empower their students; how they can embed oracy into their curriculum; what words to teach, why, when and how; as well as banks of ready-to-use activities for the classroom.

Dates and Venue
Session 1 – Wednesday 9th February 2022
Remote Learning Session.

Session 2 – Wednesday 30th March 2022
Remote Learning Session
TimingsWednesday 9th February 20229am-12pm£60 per session
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