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CourseNew to English Leadership
DetailsCongratulations on becoming a leader of English: a huge role within your school. There is so much to focus on, how do you prioritise? We can support you to ensure that you enjoy your new role; so that your vision for teaching English, to raise the attainment of all of your children, can be realised.

Over two sessions, the training will focus on:

• Having time to review your current practice;
• Reflecting on your curriculum offer for phonics, reading and writing, and everything that that includes;
• Being aware of the expectations for the teaching of phonics to support early reading;
• Sharing ideas for high quality texts and long term planning for reading through to writing, unpicking the writing process;
• Activities for implementing and embedding the teaching of oracy skills;
• How to effectively monitor the delivery of phonics, reading and writing in each classroom;
• How to support staff members who need to develop their own subject knowledge;
• Using data collection to ensure that all children are making progress;
• Providing you with the knowledge and confidence to communicate your vision to staff;
• Sharing your priorities to allow you to begin to develop your own action plan.

Session 1 – Wednesday 23rd October 2024

Session 2 – Wednesday 13th November 2024

Event location: TBC
TimingsWednesday 23rd October 20249.30am - 12noon£75 per session
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CourseDeveloping Reading In Your School
Led byKirsten Finley
DetailsDeveloping a Whole School Approach to Teaching Reading in your School beyond Phonics

Our programme covers three half day sessions and will be delivered by Kirsten Finley.

Many schools have now reviewed the approach to developing Early Reading and Phonics within their settings - but the role of the Reading Leader in schools should focus on more than just implementing an approach to Phonics and teaching pupils to decode texts.

Reading Leaders should set out a whole school approach to the teaching of reading in their school from Early Years to Year 6 - beginning with Early Reading and Phonics and leading on to developing pupils’ reading skills by ensuring that pupils who have learnt to decode become fluent readers - not just focusing on decoding and word recognition but able to comprehend texts and develop language and vocabulary.

This programme will support English and Reading Leaders to develop a whole school approach to reading throughout their school.

Session 1 - Wednesday 20th November 2024
• Supporting Reading Leaders to develop a school strategy for the development of reading beyond phonics which allows pupils to become truly fluent readers, supporting comprehension by moving pupils on from decoding and word recognition and directing cognitive resources towards understanding and the development of pupils’ language and vocabulary.

Session 2 - Wednesday 26th February 2025
• Supporting Reading Leaders to support colleagues to develop pupils’ reading comprehension across their school by promoting the importance of contextual knowledge and the role of foundation subjects in supporting reading by planning to include subject specific texts and related reading, writing and talk across the wider curriculum, emphasising the key role of disciplinary literacy in developing reading fluency.

Session 3 - Wednesday 11th June 2025
• Supporting Reading Leaders to champion reading throughout their school – pupil motivation and engagement with reading is the most important aspect for progress in literacy – creating a culture which puts reading at the heart of your curriculum can develop persistence and positive attitude towards reading.

Remote Learning Sessions
TimingsWednesday 20th November 20241.30pm - 3.30pm£75 per session
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CourseDeveloping Writing In Your School
Led byMarie Byrne
DetailsOur programme covers three half day sessions and will be delivered by Marie Byrne.

One of the best models of early writing development is the ‘simple view of writing’, but what does this involve? Is it that simple? How can we create a culture and community of writers in our schools?

The ‘Developing Writing in Your School’ sessions build on the simple view of writing model and delves deeper into the writing process. It will increase your confidence in knowing that you are delivering a writing curriculum that provides the knowledge and skills for children to succeed.

Session 1 - Wednesday 27th November 2024
• Unpicking the simple view of writing model, specifically looking at the importance of embedding transcription skills (handwriting and spelling) in line with current thinking on the working memory.
• Looking at the latest evidence based research to support why this is important and offering ways to support his in the classroom.

Session 2 - Wednesday 15th January 2025
• Delve into the writing process and how we can ensure that children develop the essential skills necessary to become confident, independent writers who write for a purpose and audience.
From oracy through to the finished piece, writing is a complex process that needs careful planning and guided support to ensure all children succeed.
• Provide practical support and ideas to take back into the classroom.

Session 3 - Wednesday 23rd April 2025
• The assessment of writing and writing assessment opportunities.
• The process involved in the moderation of writing.
• What a GDS writer looks like at the end of KS2.

Venue: Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School
TimingsWednesday 27th November 20241pm - 3pm£75 per session
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CourseWhole School Approach To Oracy/Vocabulary
Led byMarie Byrne
DetailsHow can you use oracy to raise children’s confidence and improve outcomes?
What’s the best way to teach children new vocabulary?

Course details:
Over two sessions, including a ‘gap-task’, this training will include up-to-date research and practical ideas that can be used throughout school and across the curriculum. It will delve into what ‘talk’ in the classroom means, how it can be implemented and how we can use this successfully to equip our students with the life-long skills needed to communicate confidently whilst raising attainment in both reading and writing.
Course participants will leave the course with more secure knowledge of how oracy and vocabulary will empower their students; how they can embed oracy into their curriculum; what words to teach, why, when and how; as well as banks of ready-to-use activities for the classroom.

Dates and Venue
Session 1 – Wednesday 29th January 2025
Venue: Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Session 2 – Wednesday 19th March 2025
Venue: Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School
TimingsWednesday 29th January 20259am-12pm£75 per session
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CourseModeration Of Writing Assessments - Year 6
Led byDelivered by Beth Tidey - Senior Deputy Headteacher & Lead Writing Moderator
DetailsSession overview

This half day session gives year 6 teachers, and subject leaders responsible for assuring the accuracy of school assessments and the opportunity to moderate together their assessment judgements of their pupils’ writing attainment.

The session will include a brief over-view of the statutory external moderation process and a summary of some useful STA training materials and resources. The bulk of the session will be spent moderating writing against the end of Key Stage 2 standards with colleagues from other schools across the city. This is an essential process to ensure consistency and accuracy in Teacher Assessment.


• End of KS2 Writing Assessment Criteria
• The process involved in moderating writing
• Opportunities to moderate writing with colleagues from other schools

Suitable for
Year 6 Teachers, Primary English Subject and Assessment Leads

Venue: TBC
TimingsThursday 1st May 20251pm-3pm£80.00
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