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CourseMaths Workshop
Led byPaula Allaway: Maths Lead (Sphere Federation) / NCETM Primary Mastery Specialist / NCETM PD Lead / Noctua SLE
DetailsA Focused Workshop for Maths Leaders to Understand Ofsted Expectations

Understanding Ofsted Expectations for the Intent, Implementation and Impact of your Curriculum

This course will allow you to reflect on your current maths curriculum and will support you in answering questions about the intent, implementation and impact of your maths offer, to your children.

We will provide opportunities to unpick each of the 3Is and ensure that you leave the session feeling more confident in being able to communicate your intent, demonstrate your implementation and share the impact of your maths curriculum to anyone who may ask!

We will explore key points from Ofsted’s Research Review Series: Mathematics

A review of research into factors that influence the quality of mathematics education in schools in England.

This review explores the literature relating to the field of maths education. Its purpose is to identify factors that can contribute to high-quality school maths curriculums, assessment, pedagogy and systems.

We will use this understanding of subject quality to examine how maths is taught in England’s schools from Reception onwards. We will then publish a subject report to share what we have learned.

Event location: Moortown Primary School
TimingsThursday 17th November 20221.15pm - 3.15pm£65.00
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